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1. Why register in Atlantis Swimming Programs?

Atlantis Programs has been working with kids from blowing bubbles to perfecting the butterfly stroke and whip kick since 1986. We teach children how to safely swim in small, fun, and dynamic classes under the Red Cross swimming program curriculum.

At Atlantis, our exceptional instructors, warm water pools and small class sizes make our swim classes engaging, and help build your child’s confidence in the water.

2. How do I know what level to sign up for?

Please visit our Levels section to best determine your child’s level before registering. If your child is switching from another program that uses the Red Cross criteria, register using the same recommended level. For more help on transferring from another program, give us a call at 604-874-6464.

If your child is currently swimming, and you are unsure if they will pass into the next level, we offer split classes which make registering a bit easier. For example, if your child is currently at Swim Kids 2 and you are unsure if they will complete the skills, you can register them as Swim Kids 2 Advanced. This means the class is open to registration for Swim Kids 2 & Swim Kids 3, and the child will be a good fit for this class whether or not they complete the Swim Kids 2 criteria.

3. What if I put my child in the wrong level?

We run our programs with split classes, so we are often able to accommodate one level changes. To ensure the best experience for all children, we will not over book classes. That being said, we will do our best to switch your child accordingly, or if that is not possible, will challenge them within the group you have registered them for.

4. Will my child pass each level?

Every child is unique! While some children are happy to jump right in, others may take a little longer to warm up to idea of swimming. Most are able to move through the levels at a consistent rate, although there are exceptions, and many need more time to practice and increase their endurance. For example, we know that Swim Kids 4 and Swim Kids 7 are particularly tough levels to pass. These levels require kids to perfect the front crawl and breast stroke, respectively.

5. Why do you hold split-level classes?

Split level classes allow us the flexibility to offer more levels to suit your scheduling needs. It’s also a great way for children to see some skills that they will be working on in the future.

6. Why do you hold one hour lessons?

To help the kids get the most out of their lessons! Here at Atlantis Programs, we’ve found that in comparison to 30 min classes offered at other pools, children have time to settle down and focus on the instructional information. By sticking with the one hour lesson, we’ve found class time is used more efficiently and there is more time for feedback, giving your child the best opportunity for improvement and success.

7. When should my child move from Preschool to Swim Kids classes?

Children move into Swim Kids classes at age 6.

8. What if I miss a class?

We recommend that your child attend all classes as we do not offer credits or refund for missed lessons. Should you have to miss a class, you may schedule up to one make up lessons. Due to the busy nature of our pool, make-up classes are not guaranteed, and are based on availability. Please note, the make-up class must be completed within the session as they do not transfer to new sessions. Private students who would like to make up a missed class will do so in regular group classes.

To try to book a make-up class, please give our office a call at 604-874-6464 (toll: 1-888-886-6464) during the week you are interested in. We schedule make up classes on a weekly basis to ensure all families have a fair chance of completing the make-up class.

9. Does Atlantis offer private lessons?

We do! Private lessons are offered in 30 or 60 min classes and allow focused instruction with one of our instructors and your child, honing in on skills that they may have difficulty with.

10. What’s next for my child who has completed Swim Kids 10?

Congratulations to your child for completing the Red Cross Swim Kids program! Depending on what your child in interested in pursuing, there are bunch of different options. Feel free to explore the various opportunities below:

  • Look into our Swim Club option at our Vancouver St. Georges location
  • Lifeguarding or Lifesaving Streams
  • Does your child want to learn about teaching others to swim? Check out the teaching stream with the Red Cross Water Safety Instructor levels with Atlantis or on the Red Cross website.
  • Join a team! Swim club, diving, synchronized swimming or swim teams are a great way to stay active and maintain the skills they have worked so hard to develop over the past few years.

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