Pedalheads Sport Levels

Pedalheads Sport activities are centered around eight core sports: soccer, gymnastics, archery, softball, racquet sports, track and field, hockey, and basketball. Kids build their throwing, catching, kicking, agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination skills through a range of sports drills and games.

Children are grouped according to their age and number of children enrolled. Activities will be modified to accommodate the skills of the group and ensure they are growing and learning while also having a great time.

Ages 4-5 (Level 1)

Level one will give your child the opportunity to explore a variety of sports, see where they excel, and which sports they enjoy most.

Ages 6-8 (Level 2)

Level two builds on kids’ existing skills. They will participate in more complex games and drills centred around the same eight core sports. Longer distances, more advanced equipment, and harder drills will put their skills to the test! In this group, children will also participate in sports matches and games with their class as they prepare for the extra challenges they will face in their final obstacle course.