frequently asked questions

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1. What do I need to bring?
  • Mountain Bike (anything with a thicker treaded tire) - Be sure it is in good working order!
  • Helmet (full face helmet required if registered for our Advanced Level)
  • Riding gloves
  • Shin pads or leg armour recommended for Intermediate and Advanced levels.
  • Water Bottle
  • Snack for the half day program OR snack and lunch for all day program (in consideration of others, please don’t bring nuts)
  • Rain gear or sunscreen (weather dependant)
  • Small backpack (should be comfortable to ride in)

Wear athletic clothing that is comfortable to ride in and allows freedom of movement (don't wear trousers that can get tangled up in pedals). Knee pads or similar protection (or body armor) are not required, but we do recommend it for those registered in our expert level.

2. Why go to mountain bike camps?

Mountain biking is a challenging and exciting sport that can be hard to get into on your own. At Pedalheads Mountain Biking we have great instructors that will teach the kids the skills necessary to ride trails and progress their skills in a safe environment

3. Where do we meet on the first day?

See the drop-off and pick-up locations for the week. Drop-off and pick-up locations for the remainder of the week can sometimes be altered by the instructors after the first day.

4. What happens if it rains?

Rain (and mud!) is part of riding a bike so camps carry on as usual. Please make sure you have proper rain gear so you can stay comfortable during the ride. The only thing that might change with rain is the trails we ride that day – some more technical trails get pretty slippery and challenging in the rain so we sometimes decide to ride in a different location

5. What type of mountain bike do I need if I am registered for either the advanced or expert level?

Almost any mountain bike will do as long as it is not too big/small and in good mechanical order (which means working brakes, working shifting, and no loose/damaged parts). Please ensure your bike is ready to go so we can get riding right away on the first day and not spend time fixing mechanical problems!

6. What should I expect on the first day?

For our Novice and Junior riders, the first day of camp will be spent on-site where each child’s skill level will be assessed through various obstacle courses, activities, and games. For the rest of the week, class time will be spent predominantly riding on the trails.

For our Intermediate and Advanced riders, we’ll start with a quick once-over check to ensure everyone’s mountain bikes are ready to hit the trails. The trails we ride on the first day allow us to be flexible and choose trails of varying difficulty based on the skill level of the group. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the camp or ride, please speak to the lead instructor.

7. What do you learn?

There is a strong focus on developing mountain biking skills. All of our instructors are not only very experienced mountain bikers but also awesome teachers who will work with the kids to help them improve their riding skills. They do much more than just lead the rides; everyone in the group receives individual attention from their instructor to help them learn specific skills. Instructors also spot kids when they're trying new challenging trail obstacles or stunts. Some examples of the skills we work on include (note this is not an extensive list and are just examples):

Bike maintenance:

  • ABC quick check
  • How to fix mechanical problems on the trail
  • Can identify at least 6 parts of the bike

Trail riding skills:

  • Riding over obstacles (logs, roots, rock gardens)
  • Rider attempts to hover when riding over ramps
  • Maintaining speed on a trail
  • Safely avoid any obstacles/hazards by steering around or stopping

Group riding:

  • The rider is able to ride in a single file line
  • The rider does not crash into the rider in front of them when stopping
  • The rider understands the importance of communicating with their fellow riders

Safety Knowledge:

  • The rider is able to recall the rules of the trail
  • The rider understands when to use their bell
  • The rider understands the importance of wearing a helmet
8. Does my child need to have previous mountain biking or trail experience?

No previous experience on trails is necessary for our Novice or Junior classes. We recommend that kids registered for our Intermediate or Advanced levels to have some if not a fair amount of trail riding experience.

9. Can my child register with a friend?

Of course! Just put a note in the "special requests" section of the registration form. If they are registered during the same week and time of day, it should be no problem. We've handled all sorts of different special requests, go ahead and ask us if you can have a specific instructor, a class for special needs kids, or whatever you want and, while not guaranteed, we'll do our best to accommodate you.

10. What if I have medical concerns?

Your child's health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Please let us know if you or your child have any medical concerns at all. Small or large, significant or possibly irrelevant, we want to know. It's always best to have more knowledge of each individuals history. We also ask for an emergency phone number, in the off-chance that we need to contact you.

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