We currently have junior instructor (volunteer) opportunities available for people to help at our camp locations this summer. Our camps run between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. with half-day volunteer options available in the mornings and afternoons.

Please note: Our junior instructors do not impact our instructor-to-children ratios. They don’t displace our instructors; rather, they participate under our instructors' close observation and supervision. Further, our junior instructors are never directly responsible for the children – that’s the responsibility of our instructors and site managers.

Top 5 Activities of a Junior Instructor (Volunteer).

  1. Assist instructors in teaching kids how to ride their bikes.
  2. Join off-site road rides.
  3. Assist with daily set up of camps and obstacle courses.
  4. Be part of the team! Participate in staff huddles, meetings, and social events with Pedalheads instructors and leaders.
  5. Be active and have fun!

How Will You Benefit?

  • Learn and develop skills, including teaching skills, adjusting bikes, problem solving, and working with young children.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded people.
  • Gain exposure to a work environment.
  • Be mentored and receive feedback from staff.
  • Observe professional communication between the instructors and parents and children.
  • Get an idea about whether you might like a career in physical education.
  • Get a letter of completion from the site manager for hours in the program.
  • Get great experience to put on your resume to help you land future jobs, including being an instructor at Pedalheads.

The Pedalheads Path

We are proud to be one of the leading summer employers of youth. We provide our employees with training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities that most summer jobs do not offer, and our volunteer program is part of what we call the Pedalheads Path to becoming an instructor.

In fact, we currently have several employees who rode the Pedalheads Path. They attended our camps as children, then went on to volunteer for us, then became instructors and managers, and now work at our head office. Our employees believe in and support this path – it’s one of the reasons that we are certified as a Great Place to Work. But, don’t take our word for it, hear it from one of our employees who started his journey with us at three years old:

"Volunteering at Pedalheads provided me the opportunity to gain valuable experience with young children and teaching. It was through this experience that allowed me to become a staff member at the Pedalheads camps and continue working with Pedalheads. Moreover, my experiences with Pedalheads inspired me to get a degree in education. The time I spent volunteering really helped me grow and develop as a person. It helped me break out of my shell and become more confident."

~Ben Oryall, Regional Expansion Manager

Pedalheads Team

The History of Our Junior Instructor Program

We started our junior instructor program 25 years ago when a parent approached us about having her child volunteer for Pedalheads. She was concerned that her child spent too much time indoors playing video games during the summer, rather than connecting with the community and nature, and being active. This parent loved our programs and the work Pedalheads was doing to inspire in children a healthy lifestyle and a passion for activity. She thought of no better place for her child to volunteer than with Pedalheads.

Over the years, we continued to hear parents say that 13-15 is a tricky age for kids who are frequently bored and restless, and who can’t yet work a paid job. We wanted to help our parents help their kids spend their summers meaningfully, so, we implemented this program. As such, our program has been well received by parents all over Canada and the USA due to our great track record of mentoring youth.