Wondering who's who in our zany zoo? Let us introduce our crazy crew!



Meet Pedalheads' fearless, groovy leader. Claudia grew up in Duncan, BC, went to UBC, and started her company in 1986. In 2014, she returned to school for her MBA from Royal Roads. Now, she runs a superbly successful business and has two cool kids, Wyatt and Matilda. She's won numerous awards for her achievements and is proud of her legacy.

Claudia is particularly passionate about building community and giving back. She's the co-chair of Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House, the vice-president of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and a mentor and speaker for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, on top of her already busy schedule. Further, she's implemented numerous annual giving-back initiatives through Pedalheads — check 'em out!

Along the way, Claudia took to travelling. She navigates her way through cities by way of their hippest coffee shops — extra points if they have out-of-this-world blueberry muffins. Fun fact: she recently went to France to accept an award and a champagne vine with her name on it! (Life goals for many of us!) To learn more about Claudia and Pedalheads' history, check out Pedalheads' Story on Facebook.


Business Strategy & Development Manager

She's often called C. Little — like from the movie Chicken Little — because she's the shortest person wherever she goes. Her real name, though, is Connie. Connie's our business strategy and development manager, and she's been with Pedalheads since 2008. What Connie loves most about her job is strategizing and applying new ideas to the business. While Connie loves her job, she dreams about being the scoring announcer for an NBA team: "Steph Curry FORRRRR THREEEEEE!" She's passionate about fantasy football, and her secret talent is that she's never been defeated in Super Nintendo's Street Fighter II. While seemingly a tomboy on the inside, the movie title for her life would be The Princess Diaries; as we hear her exclaim, "Me? A... A princess? Shut... up!!!"


Customer Care Supervisor

This is Amor, our customer care supervisor, but you can call her Momo. She's been with Pedalheads since 2018. Amor has significant customer service experience, and the best part of her job is when parents share their success stories. (Hint: call her with your Pedalheads success stories — it'll make her day.) Amor embodies the quirk of Pedalheads' culture. When she's not working for us, she's working on becoming princess of the world, taking tips from Sailor Moon, a princess who also kicks butt. Though, in reality, the movie title for her life would be Couch Potato Gone Wild, since her guilty pleasure is watching lots of reality television. While Amor has a peculiar fear of a spider on a rat on a snake working together to attack her, she still advises to not let fear prevent you from chasing your dreams.


Arbutus Village Front Desk Associate

Angela is our friendly front desk associate who loves chatting with the kids as they get ready for their awesome swim lessons. She's super passionate about dogs and food. In fact, if she could be any animal, she'd be a dog because they typically have a wonderful life: cuddles, walks, goodies, and food. When she's not chatting with our young swimmers or playing with pups, you may find her singing songs from the Mamma Mia soundtrack.


HR Manager

This is Angelina, but watch out! When the fun and outgoing side of her comes out, we call her Angie — think Sasha Fierce. Like Sasha Fierce, Angie has some great dance moves, but her go-to is Stir the Pot. If she could, she'd stir the pot to the tunes of Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block while touring with them. Angelina is kind, generous, a great friend, and a wonderful team player. She's been working in HR for 10+ years and enjoys being a mentor as well as a resource for employees. She believes that her success is seeing her team succeed. Perhaps that's why Pedalheads is certified as a Great Place to Work!


BC Hiring Coordinator

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for the greatest show on earth: The Ashley Show! Ashley loves our theme Fridays where she gets to come to work in costume. Ashley's best known for her DIY costumes — they're awesome! — and for her ability to break into song. In fact, her warning label reads Beware: Randomly sings and harmonizes. If she joined the circus, she'd be the conductor of a singing dog choir and then end her act by jumping into a pool of popcorn. And, if Ashley becomes a ghost one day, you will find her haunting the Grand Ole Opry, chatting with the old country legend ghosts and watching free concerts every night. Applause for Ashley, everyone!


Accounting Clerk

Ben's better known as Bun, because there are simply far too many Bens around. He's been with Pedalheads since 2014 and brought with him a bachelor of business administration degree with a concentration in accounting. Bun's the niftiest nerd we know. He's passionate about movies, comics, toys, shoes, caps, manga, and anime. In his spare time, you can find Bun playing video games or indulging in his guilty pleasure: rewatching the Pitch Perfect series. Bun likes super things: his favorite crayon color is Superman Blue; if he had a superpower, it would be super speed to get more done; and his favorite character is Superman, who has the power to destroy the world but chooses to protect it. We think Bun's super, too.


Business Development & QA Manager

Ben treks off the beaten track. In fact, the movie title for his life would be Oh, The Places You'll Go! He brings over two decades of children's programming experience to Pedalheads and a bachelor's degree in tourism and recreation. His dream job, though, would be a resort tester where he could basically get paid to go on vacation. Some of his fave travel places include Antiqua, Guatemala, Maui, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Vermont, and, of course, the UK. If Ben could have a superpower, it would be teleportation so that he could go wherever, whenever. Ben's advice for you is to travel if you can, and don't just do the touristy things, immerse yourself in the culture and really experience the life of a place. Catch you on the flip side, Ben!


Regional Expansion Manager

Here's Biggles! Can you believe this kid has been with Pedalheads for 20+ years? He started as a junior instructor then climbed the ladder to regional expansion manager. During this time, he completed a bachelor of education (elementary) degree and a bachelor of arts degree in history. Biggles is a bit of a history buff; he reads nothing but non-fiction books, notably books from yesteryear. His fave is Sapiens by Yuval Harari because it doesn't contain sciency shmiency talk that's hard to understand, but it does examine the evolution of humans and sums up why we are as we are today. While he loves working for Pedalheads and flipping through the pages of time, he'd really love to be a spy.


Alberta Hiring Coordinator

Tanya works for Pedalheads because of the culture. As a previous bike instructor, Tanya got the opportunity to see how Pedalheads cares about its employees, so, she was super stoked to join the HR team and do her part to continue the success of the business. The most rewarding part of her job is supporting employees through hiring, training, and coaching; she loves being an integral part of their growth. While we know Tanya as our Alberta hiring coordinator, those she loves best know her for her kindness. If Tanya could steal something without consequence, she'd steal away the pain and suffering of those in need. And, she believes, like Maya Angelou, that “each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women." You go, girl!


Washington Regional Manager

Meet Brittany, our Washington regional manager! She started with Pedalheads in 2013 and has five-plus years of experience managing camps. She loves the variety of tasks, helping others, and working with kids at Pedalheads. Secretly, though, she'd be a world tour guide so she could travel while getting paid. First, she'd start in China and take some tips from Mulan, because she strives to be a princess warrior. Inspired by Sophia Amoruso, author of #Girlboss, Brittany also endeavours to be a successful, yet down-to-earth, entrepreneur and fashionista. Well, as Helen Keller once said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all." So, Brittany, let's #GetGoing!


Edmonton & Ottawa City Manager

B's worked for Pedalheads since 2017. She brought with her a history of working in children's recreation and a bachelor of arts degree in recreation, sport, and tourism. Her dream job would be a dream maker where she could make people's dreams come true; though, sometimes she already gets to do that with Pedalheads — her words, not ours! She loves seeing her work build others' confidence, and she's good at it, too, thanks to her grandpa who gave her heart its compass. He always said, “Life's too short to live in fear — chase your dreams and love others with your whole heart." Sure, Brooke is an inspiration to us all, but she's also got a quirky side: in her spare time, you can find her looking at real estate while eating her daily bowl of Cheerios. Cheerio, Brooke.


HR Administrator

This is Carly! Some people call her Car, but not at Bike camp because we don't want people thinking a vehicle is coming when one isn't. She's our HR administrator, but her dream job would be a part-time beach bum and part-time owner of a successful bagel shop. If she could live off of one food for the rest of her life, she'd choose bagels, always and forever! Her favorite childhood activity was swimming and training for her dream job to be a beach bum. If she ever became stranded on a deserted island, while living out her dream job, she'd be content with a friend, a swimsuit, and a hammock. Ah, the simple life.


Illinois Regional Manager

Danae has been with Pedalheads since 2017. She's our effervescent and loquacious, yet serene, Illinois regional manager. She's an awesome manager, but she'd rather be a lady of leisure. For example, if she found herself stranded on a deserted island, she'd need only a cellphone to call for help when needed, a book, celebrity gossip magazines, and a chaise lounge chair for relaxing. When people arrive to offer help, she'd make them call her Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova because, well, it's posh, like Danae. We mean, who can honestly say the weirdest thing they've ever eaten is fudge? Fancy people, including Danae, that's who. Danae lives the best piece of advice she was ever given: dream.


Marketing Coordinator

Heeeere's Thea! Thea joined Pedalheads in 2019. She has a background in communications, and it's no surprise because she's a social butterfly. Her favorite part of her job is collaborating with the ever-growing marketing team, hearing all of the awesome #PedalheadsMoments from proud parents, and sharing heartwarming stories of the super adorable kids. As much as she loves her role, her dream job would be a mattress tester so she could get paid to sleep. Outside of our fun office, she is always up for a good rom-com and has loads of restaurant recommendations. Thea has a growing bucket list of countries to visit so she can indulge in new flavors. Yum!


Head Swim Lesson Supervisor

While Dean is our cool cat, his spirit animal would be the sea otter that loves to swim but isn't in any hurry. He's best known for his passion and knowledge about teaching swimming. He's actually a lot like Jake the dog from Adventure Time who is super chill but takes action when needed. If you're thinking Dean is quirky, you'd be right! One of his quirkiest habits is that he is very particular about sauce placement on his sandwiches. Finally, we'll let you in on Dean's secret talent: he's a really good figure skater! Multitalented indeed.


Portland Regional Manager

This is Dominique, but everyone calls her Dom ‘cause they're lazy. She started with Pedalheads in 2018. Dom loves working with kids and seeing the parents' smiling faces when their children ride a bike for the first time with no training wheels. While her worst job ever was cleaning horse stalls, Dom's quite the animal lover! She grew up on a farm where she developed her secret talent: roping a cow from horseback. If she could be any animal it would be a dolphin because everyone gets excited when they see a dolphin. Her favorite movie is Beetlejuice because it's the perfect mix of horror and humor, and Beetlejuice is part animal, too, right?


Customer Care Specialist

Donz, like “The Fonz," is our customer care specialist. She likes taking care of people and working with the Pedalheads fam jam...though, she'd really rather be a professor at Hogwarts. If she were stranded on a deserted island, the three items she would want to have with her include an air conditioner, a teleport machine, and her magic wand. Donna loves cinema! Her favourite childhood activity was going to the video store with her family on the weekend, taking time to find the perfect movie together. As such, she's become quite the cinephile, partaking in her guilty pleasure of visually consuming lots of rom-coms — she's seen almost every one! Now, she just needs to figure out how to use her magic wand to create an unlimited supply of spaghetti.


Washington Assistant Regional Manager

In her spare time, Elizabeth can be found reading, sitting by cedar trees, or learning about creatures that live in the intertidal zone. Life is sweet! In fact, if Elizabeth could live anywhere, she'd live inside the board game Candy Land so that she could hang out with Queen Frostine and talk about the time she ate onions covered in caramel. If she were candy, she'd be high-quality dark chocolate because not everyone would like her, but those who do would be passionately loyal. Finally, everyone needs a slogan, right? Elizabeth's would be, “Can I have ice cream with that?" Yes, Elizabeth, you can have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you'd like — ain't that just the frosting on the cake?


Director of Operations

Who is faster than lightning, stronger than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet, and lovable, cute, and furry? It's Geoff (aka Super Grover)! He's our operations manager, but, if he could perform his dream job, it would be teaching sloths to play the xylophone. He's been with Pedalheads...well, a very long time — he's the “wise" one. The best part of his job is working with the marketing team. His go-to dance move is the moonwalk, because he's out of this world, and his favorite character is Rocket Raccoon. Geoff would like to have Rocket's starship pilot training to easily map out new Pedalheads locations. Maybe one day we'll have a camp on the moon! And, knowing Geoff, it'll be a swim camp because he was a national-level swimmer. He still swims every morning, but, like Lauren DeStefano, his head is his favorite swimming pool.


Assistant Manager of Programs & Training

Heeeeere's Kelsey! She started as an instructor at Pedalheads in 2013, then moved to the head office in 2015. Kelsey's education consists of an undergraduate degree with a major in psychology and minor in business. Just like her favouite animal, the chimpanzee, Kelsey is very social and intelligent. She is also passionate about psychology and mental health. In fact, the movie title for her life would be, “The Pursuit of Happiness." While her favorite song is Complicated, by Avril Lavigne, she knows that when times get complicated, sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help others. Awwwe!


Swim Lesson Supervisor

Johnson is our experienced swim lesson supervisor who loves passing on his knowledge to other teachers. The most rewarding part of his job is seeing kids find their passion for swimming and becoming confident in the water. While he is best known for being empathetic and a great teacher, his secret talent (until now!) is extreme pen spinning. When's he not splashing around in the pools, Johnson enjoys long hikes and competitive swimming. If he could watch one movie on repeat for the rest of his life it would be Forest Gump because the movie shows that with determination and a positive attitude, you can overcome anything in life. Excellent advice!


Administrative Assistant

Let's kick it with K-Dawg, our admin. assistant, who's also a pretty rad hip hop dancer. She moonwalked her way into our Pedalheads' hearts in 2016, and she's been exercising her customer service and administrative skills for 14-plus years. When she's not boogying to music, she's eating. In fact, her dream job would be a food contest judge, and her goal is to eat her way through Asia. But, don't give her too much rice because it makes her food less salty — salt is her guilty pleasure. In her spare time, you can find Kendra collecting Pokemon Nanoblocks and building her Lego Death Star. Today, she'd like to leave you all with a little advice: “Life is too short," she says. “Stop worrying and stressing out about things you cannot change." Well said, K-Dawg.


Aquatics Recreation Business Manager

Lauren started at Pedalheads in 2014 and she has 15+ years of experience in recreation. On the flip side, Lauren has a diploma in media and film studies and a degree in theatre. 10 years ago, if the “Sliding Doors" closed just a little earlier, Lauren would have had a career in the arts. She's a big child who loves the magic of literature and cinema. If she could be any animal, she'd be a unicorn that would miraculously fly to her favorite place in the world, Lapland in Northern Finland (the most magical place on earth).


Ontario Regional Manager

Meet V. V started with Pedalheads in 2013 and brought with her a bachelor of arts degree in physical education. V is super social and loves working with the kids. Her favorite childhood pastime was playing softball because she essentially lived with her teammates and enjoyed travelling with them every weekend. Today, she works with kids, learning dance moves like The Floss from them in their downtime. Her favourite cartoon character is Dory, from Finding Nemo, because she values family and is always happy; in fact, most people would describe V as always in a good mood — probably has to do with the best piece of advice she was ever given: focus on what makes you happy. :)


Marketing Manager

Welcome to the Life and Times of Mr. Michael Gar Ho Chan. He's our marketing manager. Mike has a bachelor of commerce degree and 10+ years of marketing experience. He started with Pedalheads in 2013. While he's our marketing maven, he also has a fondness for food. In fact, he collects a list of food locations to eat at. His guilty pleasure is lobster with melted butter, and don't make his eggs any way but poached! Further, Mike has a secret talent: He can swallow in a way that others can hear from pretty far away. Mike would like to leave you with a philosophical quote from Derek Zoolander, “I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking." We tend to agree.


Colorado Regional Manager

Rich started with Pedalheads in January 2016 and brought with him a bachelor's in environmental sciences. Moreover, he's a master's candidate for telecommunications engineering to boot. Rich has 20+ years of experience coaching and working with kids. We're lucky to have him! When Rich isn't at work, you can find him in the mountains or frolicking in the sun, sand, and surf. If he could be any crayon, he'd be the colour Sky Blue to create sunny skies, and if he had a superpower, it would be to fly wondrously in those sunny skies. Passionate about adventure, Rich would like to leave you with his motto: try everything. Love it!


BC Regional Manager

Nick started at Pedalheads in 2004. We love Nick's zany quirkiness, so we're going to give it to you like we got it: Nick's inspired by Zack Morris because Zack is one of the coolest dudes to ever live, and he ended up with Kelly Kapowski — humina humina. If he could be any animal, it would be a golden retriever, but it was a toss-up between that and a sloth. His favorite cartoon character is Beavis because Beavis cut his hair and glued it to his face thinking beards were cool. His strange phobias are Chihuahuas and cold weather; if he were a crayon, he'd be pink, because why not; and his guilty pleasure is watching the shopping channel — while he's never ordered anything, he says it's nice to have options. That's our Nick!


Swim Staffing Coordinator

Still waters run deep with Olivia. She loves helping kids overcome their fear of water, build skills, and succeed in our highest levels. If Olivia wasn't so happy splashing around our pools, she may pursue her dream job of deep sea explorer. When she's not at work, you can find Olivia at the dog park with her pooch or on the lake with her canoe. Her best piece of advice to others is to challenge yourself and take risks because you'll always regret what you didn't do more often than you'll regret the things you did. As Mark Twain once said, “The secret to getting ahead is to get started." So, let's get going, Olivia!


Alberta Regional Manager

We're delighted to introduce you to Sarah. Sarah started with Pedalheads in 2010 and brought with her a bachelor of science degree in geophysics and a bachelor of education degree. Sarah lives and breathes family and adventure. In fact, if Sarah could be any animal, she'd be a chimpanzee because growing and living in a close family circle in the jungle seems like a great life — chimps can also have fun and be silly. She's passionate about spending time outdoors and being an active part of her kids' lives. When not at work, you can find Sarah biking, skating, and rolling down hills with her kids. Like Erich Fromm, Sarah believes “there is only one meaning of life: the act of living itself." Then, she lived happily ever after.

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