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Cancellation Policy

All cancelation requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the camp/lesson start date. Cancelations less than 2 weeks from the start date are not eligible for credit or refund. Refunds are subject to a $50 cancelation/administration fee per registration. Credits on account will be for the full value of the camp/lessons.

  • REFUND CLARIFICATION EXAMPLE: If you require a refund, there is a $50 administrative fee per registration (meaning per child, and per week). For example, if you have two children registered in the same week, this counts as two registrations (2 x $50), or if you have one child registered for two weeks, you also have two registrations (2 x $50).
  • COVID-19 Update - In the event of a program cancellation initiated by Pedalheads, full credits or refunds to the original form of payment will be provided without any fees.

Please note that credit notes will expire two years from date of issue. This credit note can be used within your family towards any of our programs offered. Once a credit is issued to you, it cannot be converted to a refund.

There are no credits or refunds for missed days due to changed work or vacation schedules, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.

We recognize that extenuating circumstances exist. For cancellations due to medical illnesses, or for any other compassionate reason, please apply in writing to the office (no more than 14 days after the end of the program) for a potential credit. If reason is medical or illness please include official documentation.

Updated: October 1, 2020

Change Policy

All camp/lesson schedule change requests must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the camp start date, before 4 p.m.

If you would like to make any changes to your registration, you must email or phone (1-888-886-6464) our office to process the change and avoid any fees. Any additional registrations made by a customer on our website, even with the intention of making a camp switch, are subject to our regular cancellation policy.

Switching to another time within the season is always free of charge for similarly priced classes but is based on space availability and cannot be guaranteed. If switching is done on the first day of camp, and there is a discrepancy in the class cost, the difference is to be paid by customer if money due (or credited to customer if money owed).

Due to schedule and enrollment constraints, there are no make-ups or credits for missed Pedalheads Bike and Sport classes. If a child misses one of their once-a-week swimming lessons, Pedalheads Swim will endeavor to schedule one make-up class within the same session; however, these are not guaranteed and are based on availability. Make-ups for private lessons are accommodated in regular classes.

Updated: October 1, 2020

Program Credit Policy

Credit notes will expire two years from date of issue. This credit note can be used within your family towards any of our programs offered.

Once a credit is issued, it cannot be converted to a refund.

There are no credits or refunds for missed days due to changed work or vacation s chedules, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.

If switching to another class session is done on the first day of camp, and there is a discrepancy in the class cost, the difference is to be paid by customer if money due or credited to customer if money owed.

Weather Policy

All outdoor camps and lessons run rain or shine; therefore, we don't refund or credit for classes missed by choice due to weather. All children should come to camp with weather-appropriate clothing and related gear.

If extreme weather jeopardizes the safety of children or employees in any way, the programs may hold off on specific activities until conditions improve. The decision to cancel programs due to potentially hazardous weather are made in consultation with regional managers and local weather forecasts or advisories. In the event of any cancellations due to inclement weather, every effort will be made by Pedalheads Bike, Swim, and Sport to contact all clients affected via email, phone, or informative postings at affected locations and sites.

Nut-Free Policy

We are a nut-aware camp and we request that no nuts are allowed at any of our camp or swim locations. If you bring a snack or lunch for your child, please ensure that it does not include any nuts as some children may have a serious allergy.

Child Protection Policy

No matter which of our programs your children are enrolled in, their safety is our number one priority! We'll do everything in our power to protect all children from any potential harm. We reserve the right to dismiss any child from a program that intentionally harms others, brings a weapon to the program, vandalizes property, or displays other extreme behavior. In these instances, no refund is issued. In matters of inappropriate behavior, parents are notified verbally and/or in writing with a course of action.

All Pedalheads employees must complete a criminal record check, or, if not applicable, supply two signed professional character reference checks. All supervisors and managers must complete a criminal record check before lessons/camps begin. All potential employees are screened during their interviews, and their references are contacted before they're offered employment.

Liability Waiver

By registering with Pedalheads, the parent/guardian of the registered camper(s) on their own behalf and on behalf of the camper(s) hereby agrees that Pedalheads will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur, however caused, whether negligently or intentionally, and agrees to release and hold harmless all instructors, staff, volunteers, and sponsors from all claims or damages without limitation which may arise as a result of/or by reason of such accident or loss.

Lost or Stolen Property Policy

Sometimes, especially with all the excitement of camp, kids lose things. We recommend that children don't bring valuables with them to camp, and that every parent checking out with their child's instructor at the end of each day takes a moment to ensure that all their child's items go home with them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property; however, we do maintain a lost and found bin where we collect items that we find. At the end of every term, the lost items are taken to the nearest charity and donated.

Photo Permission Policy

We like to cherish the fond memories and exciting moments at Pedalheads; therefore, we may occasionally hire professional photographers to capture the magic at our pools or camp locations. If your child is present during one of our photo shoots, the manager or supervisor may approach you with a Photo Permission form to be reviewed and signed. With your consent, your child may even be featured on our website or in promotional materials!

Privacy Policy

Pedalheads respects its customers rights to personal privacy. Personal information is not lent or sold to any person or agency for any purpose. Any personal information customers have provided to Pedalheads will be used to deliver services to them only, and to keep them informed and up-to-date about the activities of the company. These activities include advising customers of initiatives, programs, services, confirmations, special events, and/or emergencies. If individuals wish to have their personal information amended or removed from the company databases, they may simply click the "Unsubscribe" link on the bottom of any email or send a message to The company website and online database is hosted on a server using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt or encode the data and to ensure security during the online registration process.

Behavior Management Policy

Pedalheads believes that praise and positive reinforcement are effective methods of teaching and behavior management of children. When children receive positive and understanding interactions from adults and others, they develop good self-concepts, problem-solving abilities, and self-discipline. Employees are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a respectful and professional manner when working with children and interacting with parents.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Pedalheads is committed to creating and upholding a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment that is respectful and welcoming to everyone. We believe that the presence of many voices from a variety of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, political beliefs, ages, sexual identities and orientation, socio-economic backgrounds and physical and cognitive abilities will make our programs and workplaces richer for all.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are rooted and imbedded in our mission, vision and values. We are committed to listen, learn and challenge the status quo to both build stronger, more empathetic teams and to celebrate how we walk through the world as individuals. We recognize that this commitment is continually evolving and strive to refine our policies, training and programs to reflect what we have learned.

Updated Apr 14, 2021

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