I sent my daughter (almost 7 years old) to bike camp for a week of half-days. This was a girl who couldn't even balance on a bike with training wheels. I had bought her a bike without training wheels and crossed my fingers that the money spent on the bike and the camp wasn't a waste. I also bought her a new helmet. After the first day, she was balancing on her own; the second day, she started to pedal. By the last day, my child was biking around the parking lot on her own, totally confident and proud of herself. Pedalheads is an amazing company and I am so pleased that I signed my daughter up! She will certainly attend again next summer!

Alysha Mcdonald


The facilities are great, but it's the instructors that are truly amazing. My son was a bit hesitant in his first class but with the help of the staff, his feet were soon in the pool, and then they were kicking and splashing, and it wasn't long until he happily joined his class. Now, (a couple years later), my son High 5's the lifeguards after jumping off the platform into the deep end. My kids often tell me how much they love the lessons! As a mom, I love the hour long lessons, as it allows more time to solidify the skills they are learning and gives me time to run errands! Atlantis swimming lessons are an investment in my child’s future that I feel are worth every penny!

Kristine Bell

Pedalheads Sport

I want to emphasize how happy we were with this camp - both my kids absolutely loved it! It was the best decision re weekly summer activity I made this year. The cape at the end was a real treat and they sported it all day on Friday and over the weekend. The teachers were really good, enthusiastic and filed with energy! Thank you for implementing this new activity!

Catherine Fagnan


Your staff were phenomenal with my son. They went above and beyond to make sure my son was safe and had a great experience… The trails were great, and the clear instructions made the experience safe and fun. My son said it was the best camp he's ever done.

Catherine Hay