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Age 4 by the start of their camp?

Can ride independently without training wheels?

Can start/stop riding independently?

Can ride in a straight line, perform hand signals and shoulder checks?

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Has experience riding on the road?

Does the bike have gears?

Your Recommendation
Balance Biker / TNT
Minimum Age: 3
Riding Rookies
Balance Bikers participate on their own in this 1.5-hour class. They must bring a run bike. Any bikes with pedals should register for our Trikes’N’Trainers (TNT) class.

This class is meant to help kids improve their riding skills, balance, and coordination. Through fun bike games and obstacle courses, kids will work on bike handling skills such as steering, stopping, and riding up and down small hills. Balance Bikers conclude each week by participating in our “racecourse".

Your Recommendation
Level 5 - Gearheads or
Level 6 - Treadheads
Minimum Age: 6
Level 5 - Gearheads
To register for Levels 5 or 6, kids must be turning 6 by the end of the calendar year.

Gearheads & Treadheads must already be able to safely ride on residential roads. They must be able to ride in a straight line for 20 metres (65 feet), and be able to hold a hand signal for five seconds and shoulder check, all while maintaining a straight line. They should come to camp on a bike with gears.

If your child does not yet have experience changing gears on their bike, they should register in Level 5 - Gearheads. They will learn how, why and when to use their gears on mostly level terrain.

Children that are already proficient with changing gears on flat terrain should register in Level 6 - Treadheads. They will work on gear changing skills while climbing hills and going downhill, and will take part in long-distance offsite rides to practice their skills.

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: It looks like your child might also be ready to try our trail riding program. If you are interested in an alternative to road riding, but still want group rides and exploration – check out Pedalheads TRAIL. Please note that this program is only offered in select locations. Learn more

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