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We built Pedalheads one neighborhood at a time, so giving back to the communities we serve is an important part of who we are. Through our various community initiatives, we strive to share the Pedalheads magic to as many families as possible.


We want to provide the Pedalheads experience to as many families as possible regardless of financial barriers. Our bursary/scholarship program gives families who would not otherwise be able to attend Pedalheads the opportunity to send their child to one of our programs.

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Staff Volunteering

Staff are encouraged to donate their time to charitable efforts in their area. For full time staff members, we offer paid days off to volunteer in their communities for whichever cause is near and dear to them. We also happily accept volunteers at our camps to assist in our classes, help students complete their volunteer hours, and to encourage youth to participate in service to the community.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Pedalheads is committed to creating and upholding a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment that is respectful and welcoming to everyone. We believe that the presence of many voices from a variety of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, political beliefs, ages, sexual identities and orientation, socio-economic backgrounds and physical and cognitive abilities will make our programs and workplaces richer for all.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are rooted and imbedded in our mission, vision and values. We are committed to listen, learn and challenge the status quo to both build stronger, more empathetic teams and to celebrate how we walk through the world as individuals. We recognize that this commitment is continually evolving and strive to refine our policies, training and programs to reflect what we have learned.

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