Pedalheads Mountain Biking (Formerly known as FLOW)

What is Pedalheads Mountain Biking?

Pedalheads Mountain Biking is an instructional mountain biking program that focuses on the development of various skills on trails for kids 4-8 and more advanced levels for kids 8-15.

Combining exciting adventure with the great outdoors, this unique program offers kids the opportunity to discover the fun of mountain biking and trail riding in a safe environment. During the week-long camps (and spring/fall Sunday camps for our older kids), our experienced instructors focus on teaching trail riding skills in a fun and progressive manner so that riders of all levels will be riding with confidence.

The camps will vary from those first discovering mountain biking to those looking to work on advanced skills like drops, skinnies and log rides. Join us to discover the amazing sport of mountain biking!

Programs Included:

- Novice (for kids 4-6)
- Junior (for kids 6-8)
- Intermediate (for kids 8+)
- Advanced (For kids 10+)

See level descriptions.

Why Pedalheads Mountain Biking?

To teach kids important skills that will make them safe while having fun on the trails.

Where is Pedalheads Mountain Biking?

We are located in select Canadian locations: North Vancouver, Burnaby/Coquitlam and Calgary.
Check out our locations page to find a location near you.

When is Pedalheads Mountain Biking?

Spring Mountain Biking Camp

Sundays from May 29 - June 26 (exclusive to our Intermediate and Advanced Levels only)

Summer Mountain Biking Camp

July - August (various weeks depending on location). All programs offered.

Fall Mountain Biking Camp

Sundays from September 11 - October 16 (exclusive to our Intermediate and Advanced Levels only)